How do I wash my Chaboukie?

Machine wash gentle, tumble dry or air dry flat.


Will the clothes shrink when I wash them?

Some of the 100% cotton woven fabrics will shrink but we've allowed for that in the cutting and sewing of the garments.  The stretchy stuff won't shrink because it's already been garment-dyed in 140 degree water!


How do I know what size to buy?

0-3 mos 5-12 lbs 18"-23"
3-6 mos 10-16 lbs 23"-27"
6-12 mos 16-22 lbs 27"-29"
12-18 mos 22-27 lbs 29"-31"
18-24 mos 27-30 lbs 31"-33"
2T 30-33 lbs 33"-36"
3T 33-36 lbs 36"-39"
4T 36-40 lbs 39"-42"


The pattern on the clothing I ordered looks slightly different than the picture on your site, is that normal?

Our fabric patterns are unique and contain many variations.  The result is that our garments are all one-of-a-kind. They should resemble the clothing on the site, but the exact pattern will vary.


Do you sell your clothes to wholesale vendors?

Yes, please contact our sales department at sales@chaboukie.com


When should I expect to get my Chaboukie?

Depending on inventory, you should receive your Chaboukie within 5-10 business days with standard shipping, 3-5 business days with priority shipping, 2-3 days with express shipping.

Standard international shipping order will take around 3-4 weeks, 12-15 days with priority international shipping.


Can I exchange my Chaboukie or get a refund?

Please visit our return policy for more information. 


Not seeing an answer to your question? Write us at hello@chaboukie.com or at:


PO BOX 421222

LOS ANGELES, CA 90042-9998