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About Chaboukie

When George Floyd died and the Black Lives Matter movement gained renewed momentum, I felt tremendous sorrow for the world we live in and the continued loss of life at the hands of police. Certainly, I am not alone in that feeling, which is why people across the globe mobilized into protest. The instinct to do something manifests in many ways. Donating a portion of Chaboukie's sales to organizations fighting for racial justice and promoting anti-racism in my community and my home was how I decided to take action. 


At the same time, the global pandemic had left production of new goods at a standstill.  I was already contemplating the future of Chaboukie and this felt like an opportunity to pivot. I began thinking about my role as an artist and an activist. Could I find a way to create, sell and continue donating money? Could I utilize my audience to raise both awareness and money for social justice. 

The bottom line is yes. 

I've spent the last 6 months making and selling ceramics. With each sale, I've donated money to organizations working towards racial justice. These include:

The Loveland Foundation
Black Lives Matter Los Angeles
Equal Justice Initiative
Teaching Tolerance 


Once the pandemic is over I may return to making clothes for kids and I invite you to stay tuned for news and updates to that end. I also want to express my deepest gratitude to all of our customers over the years. Your support and enthusiasm has inspired and motivated me to make Chaboukie the brand it is today. 



There’s love, and then there’s mother love. The kind that will wipe our toddler’s nose with our very own shirt if there’s no tissue in sight. Gross, but it happens. Beyond that dedication, mother love is also the love that cares about what kind of world we’re passing on to our children. That’s why we believe in using only sustainable practices. Each piece is produced in Los Angeles with locally sourced cotton and dead-stock fabrics that might otherwise be destined for the landfill. With Chaboukie, it’s all about mother love. It is a love that’s bigger than just us - it’s love for the earth and for future generations.


The word “chaboukie” came about as a nickname for our little guy Auden who is playful, kind, and easy-going. It’s easy to forget exactly how these nicknames came about, but we think it went something like this: Bug > Bugaboo > Boo > Bouks > Chaboukie! When it came to dressing him, we wanted clothing that didn’t feel like your typical “kid clothes” but rather clothes that we would wear. We found out that it was pretty difficult to find ethically made, sustainable, gender-neutral clothing for our son. That’s when Chaboukie the brand began. We designed and produced our first line in 2014. Chaboukie designs are a reflection of our free-wheeling Southern California lifestyle and our commitment to sustainable practices. Our design inspirations come from our own wardrobes, music collections, and people-watching field trips around the world.

We're located up in the hills of Mount Washington where you sometimes forget you're in Los Angeles.