7 tips for helping your toddler survive the arrival of baby #2

Introducing a new baby into the mix can be hard on kiddo #1.  I've asked a bunch of moms how they survived the transition and here's what they had to say.  Make or buy them a book about what's happening (or do both!). One of my wise mommy friends made a book for her 2.5 year old daughter, When Mommy Goes to the Hospital.  It explained not only how the toddler was going to become a big sister, but all the changes that were going to happen at home.  As a result, nothing came as a huge shock to her. Homemade books are a smart choice...

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How to Wear Statement Bottoms

As a designer I've always been a fan of pattern and color on the lower half. I just love something fun and playful, especially on little legs, with a great basic top. But parents sometimes ask me how to dress their kids in statement leggings? My answer is to keep it simple! Here’s the challenge: forever we’ve been sold big gesture tops for kids. Typically for boys you’ll see shirts with truck or car patterns, robots, plaids, and primary colors, all paired with blue jeans or khaki pants. For girls, kittens, hearts or terrible slogans crowd the front of almost every t-shirt and sweatshirt...

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