Spotted Pony - Hip-itty Hop Baby and Toddler Leggings

$ 13.00 $ 26.00

When you read the words “spotted pony” what comes to mind? This name was suggested to Chaboukie by a mother upon seeing this pattern, which was met with blank stares of course. But if you image search “spotted pony” you’ll quickly realize there is NO OTHER possible name that we could have called this design. It’s amazing, we might as well have ordered spotted pony hides to make these leggings. Actually no, that’s a really bad idea. 

Bottom line: Minimal, distinct black on white pattern, lightweight, Chaboukie comfy. All seams surged for added durability, fabric pre-washed before being sewn. 100% rayon jersey, individual patterns may vary.

Goes well with: "A Horse With No Name" by America

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